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Heritage Products

When it comes to slips and falls EVERYONE in your house is vulnerable to serious injury. Don't risk broken bones.

Eliminate the danger of slips and falls in your home with Heritage Anti Slip made by Johnson Espana DC.

Heritage Products are anti slip products specially formulated for wet areas including showers, all tiled surfaces, enamel and porcelain baths.

Use Heritage Anti Slip in the shower or bathtub, steps, kitchen, laundry, pool surrounds and entry ways - simply spray on and in 2 minutes slippery floors are gone!

No mess and easy to apply - it won't wash off and lasts for several years.

antislip products, johnson antislip, anti-slipWe can treat the Acrylic baths or Acrylic shower trays with the new Heritage Antislip Base Perlita.

Antislip base PERLITA.

Antislip base Magnesium.

How Heritage Anti-Slip works

Heritage Anti Slip is a truly unique product. Unlike Hydrofluoric Acid and Ammonium Bi-fluoride based products which etch and take the shine off polished tiles, Heritage Anti Slip will not etch or damage the treated surface.

The active component in Heritage Anti Slip is dioxide of titanium which is non-abrasive and non-corrosive. The anti-slip effect is created by titanium particles which are dispersed evenly over the surface of the tile creating a perfect and even thread of micro-pores. The titanium in effect is injected into the tile surface pores.

Heritage Anti Slip is not a coating. Once applied it becomes part of the tile and increases the tile's strength. The product's non-slip characteristics become effective only when the floor is wet, in fact, the wetter the floor, the more effective the anti-slip works.

Would you like to use the same floor tile selected for use inside the home … on the outside also?

Because of the dangers of slip / fall accidents and public liability issues, this has not been possible, that is until now!

With Heritage Anti Slip you can confidently use virtually any polished natural stone, porcelain or glazed ceramic in wet areas, even around swimming pools! Heritage Anti Slip is a completely safe alternative, in fact, the wetter the floor surface gets, the less slippery it becomes!

Heritage Anti Slip reduces the risk of slip / fall accidents and with regular cleaning can last for several years.

Benefits of Heritage Anti Slip

Maintenance of treated Heritage Anti-Slip surfaces

To maintain optimum performance of Heritage Anti Slip treated surfaces:

Please contact your regional distributor for more information.